Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic land promotion?

Strategic land promotion is a way of increasing the value of your land by achieving planning consent for residential or commercial development. With planning agreed we can then sell your land on the open market to a housebuilder or developer.

Promoting land is a complex technical process that requires a medium to long term approach. As land and planning experts, we have the experience and the resourcefulness to know how and where to add value to your land. We work in partnership at every stage and there’s no financial risk to you.

How does the partnership work?

We use a Planning Promotion Agreement to work in partnership with you. This agreement states that we’re responsible for promoting your land through the planning system to secure planning permission. This is entirely at our cost and risk. With planning agreed, we’ll develop a sales strategy with you to openly market your land and get the best possible result. This is in both our interests, as we both only get paid when the land is sold.

Why should I choose Wain Estates to promote my land?

Our focus and priority is you. And everything we do is dedicated to maximising your land’s true value. We are open, honest and straightforward in our approach and will keep you informed at every step. 

As part of the Wain Group, we’re backed by over 50 years of expertise, technical knowledge and financial strength. We work with trusted specialist consultants to unlock even the most difficult of sites, to reveal their value and development potential. When you choose us, you choose a partner with the freedom and independence to do things the right way.

Will it cost me anything to achieve planning permission?

No, it’s entirely at our cost and risk. We’re responsible for paying your legal fees to enter into a Planning Promotion Agreement with us. We’ll then work with specialist land consultants to prepare a full suite of technical reports and surveys to promote your land for an allocation in the Local Plan and/or a planning application.

Do you build the developments yourselves?

No, we act as a land promoter and work with trusted specialist consultants to maximise your chances of planning success. Once your land achieves planning permission, we’ll work with you to sell the land to a housebuilder or developer. We sometimes go on to work closely with the developer once the site is sold to them.

Why a Planning Promotion Agreement and not an Option Agreement?

A Planning Promotion Agreement allows us to maximise the value of your land.

With an Option Agreement, you agree to sell your land to a specific company who want to buy for the cheapest price it can. This almost always ends in dispute and acrimony. 

However, a Planning Promotion Agreement guarantees that you are in control of the process. It ensures you achieve the best value for your land by taking it to the open market through a competitive tender process.

Who will be my day-to-day contact at Wain Estates Land Promotion?

Building meaningful, long-term relationships is very important to us. We are a friendly, open and honest team and you’ll have a main point of contact for the whole process. From entering into the Planning Promotion Agreement to your land sale, they’re with you every step of the way.

Who designs the schemes and what input do I have as a landowner?

It’s your decision as to how much, or little, involvement you’d like during the whole process. It’s something we can agree with you from day one.

We’ll instruct an expert team of consultants to prepare a full suite of technical reports and surveys to promote your land for an allocation in the Local Plan and/or a planning application. The final design is a collaboration of inputs from our professional team and you – if you decide to be involved. It also reflects responses from the local planning authority, other public bodies and the local community.

How do you ensure sustainability on your sites?

We’re committed to working together to give the areas we invest in a better future, positively affecting both the people and the environment. It’s at the centre of who we are and everything we do.

You can measure our commitment to sustainability by every scheme we put in place. Through the use of sustainable modes of transport, urban drainage schemes, promoting biodiversity, carbon reduction and energy generation. Not just a meeting of industry targets, but setting and measuring ourselves by our own.