About Us

Transforming Land, reimagining places

Wain Estates is a strategic land promoter operating across the country. We specialise in creating value for our landowner partners by promoting their land through the complex planning system to achieve a residential or commercial planning consent, using Planning Promotion Agreements (PPAs).

We’re part of the Wain Group, one of the UK’s largest private land and residential developers. Established in 1972, we are made up of Wain Estates, the strategic land company and Wain Homes, the housebuilder. 

Through consistent action, we have developed a commitment to promoting, designing and placemaking in a way that defines us. Creating places and spaces that enrich both the economy, and the way people live and work. What we do matters. And the way we do it, counts. 

Our way of doing business


We are committed to getting landowners the best deal for their land. Our interests are completely aligned at every stage as everything we do is focused on maximising the site’s potential for the highest possible land receipt.


We are open to opportunities and work across England promoting greenfield, brownfield, and contaminated land.


We understand that promoting land is a complex technical process. We have the understanding to navigate our way through planning. The resourcefulness to know how and where to add value. And the experience to adapt when challenges come our way.

How we work together

Our focus and priority is you. It is in both our interests to get the best price for your land, and everything we do is dedicated to increasing its value.

We use a Planning Promotion Agreement to work in partnership with landowners, taking residential and commercial land from identification to disposal. We always sell land on the open market, and only pursue buyers who are genuinely offering the best market value price.

As part of the Wain Group, we have the financial resources to make this happen and the independence to do it the right way.

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Stage 1: Partnership

If you’re interested in working in partnership with us and we have confirmed your land has planning potential, we’ll make you an offer to enter into a Planning Promotion Agreement. This sets out the terms of our partnership.

Stage 2: Planning

Our dedicated planning team will now focus on achieving planning permission on your land. We’ll work with specialist consultants to prepare a full suite of technical reports and surveys to promote your land for an allocation in the Local Plan and/or a planning application. This is entirely at our cost and risk.


If the planning application is refused at a local level, we can appeal the decision and get things moving that way. We do whatever’s right for your land and its value, keeping you involved at every step.

Stage 3: Permission and Sale

Once we have secured planning permission, we’ll agree a sales strategy with you and an external agent to openly market your land. An open market sale creates competitive tension, maximising the value of your land to get you the best possible receipt. This is in both of our interests, as we both only get paid when the land is sold.

Our projects in action

To see some examples of how we’ve successfully secured planning permission and increased land value, take a look at our case studies.

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