Jack takes Aim High Message Back to School

Jack takes Aim High Message Back to School

Wain Estates Development Managing Director, Jack Brister, experienced a sense of familiarity when he returned to his former school to deliver career advice to year seven students.

Jack was joined by our Project Manager Will Young at Urmston Grammar School in Greater Manchester to engage with the students about the diverse range of jobs and careers available in the development and regeneration industry, whilst also providing them with some interesting insight into the current regeneration of the nearby Carrington Estate by Wain Estates.

The visit was part of the school’s Careers and Personal and Social Education (PSE) provision and students learnt how to pursue careers in the many different professional areas involved in regeneration projects, including ecology, quantity surveying, planning and development, project management and law.

Jack and Will also advised on making informed university degree choices, capitalising on the options that can open up in the early stages of a young person’s career and exploring different professional avenues as they emerge.

Natasha Kinder, Head of Careers at Urmston Grammar School said: “Thank you to both Jack and Will for delivering an enjoyable and informative careers session for our young learners and encouraging them to aim high.

“Year Seven had a multitude of questions and were particularly keen to ask about the optimal subjects to study in school to plan for careers in these areas, and about the daily challenges and rewards of working in this field. 

“Of great interest to our students was the environmental aspect of regeneration, and Jack and Will explained the importance of biodiversity net gain to the project, and the strategies used to ensure that the surrounding environment, areas and community are positively impacted by the development.”

Jack added: “It felt strange to be walking back into my old school but hugely satisfying to play a small part in supporting the development of local young people as they progress through their education.

“The regeneration of Carrington Estate will continue for the next 15 years so hopefully we have not only inspired some of the students to consider future careers in the regeneration sector but have also given them an understanding of what is happening in their local area and the benefits it will bring.

“Who knows, perhaps some of them may become my colleagues in the years to come.”